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Over the centuries the Italian food has changed and evolved according to the social and political changes. The Italian cuisine is very unlike any other as the preparation is tricky and ingredient is always kept simple. The major part of this cuisine is as most people know is the cheese and wine. The authentic Italian restaurants in San Jose, California will server some of the best food and wine but the catch is to avoid those tourist trap restaurants. At the genuine restaurants it is advisable to ask for their typical dishes to enhance tour dining experience and truly understand what and how the Italians eat. 

Italians believe in relaxing and enjoying the food that is the reason why the food served in authentic Italian restaurants takes a bit longer time and this is only because they believe in the quality of the food. The Italian restaurants in Cupertino take food very seriously because they are proud of the local traditions of Italy and they strongly abide by it. The specialties served in Italian restaurants in Fremont and Sunnyvale are so unique that one may only find such food only in parts of Italy.

We get chance to enjoy such fantastic Italian food only with a handful of people. A banquet hall with a capacity of 50 to 200 people and the Italian food of San Jose will be a great combination for any kind of occasion. The professional parties can easily fit in the well furnished and self contained halls. The beautiful interior will add to the class and professionalism of the event. A party hall could be made out of the very same banquet hall. The team of staff and the standard of Italian menu offered will make the party an unforgettable occasion.

The design is such that can suit all kinds of events, A big screen projector can be used for the grand display of the memories in partied and the achievements and past glories of the company in a corporate party. Soothing ambience being a common factor makes it the event and the food all the more entertaining and unforgettable. Zahir’s Bistro is the have it all kind of Italian restaurant with a variety of food to serve large parties for the people of Fremont, Sunnyvale and San Jose. The Italian food is praised here and the popular belief that God keeps an Italian kitchen and everybody should enjoy its food is kept. If something is not served with a dish it is only because they both don’t go together. So trust your waiter and order wine with the food because coffee is never served with the meal, only after it.  


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