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India has endless food craving and option that can drive you crazy, ample for one to feast on like there are these Indian snacks that aren't solely chips, however kind of chips once we talk Indian chips we've varied completely different chips in potato, banana, kumaru chips that are homemade and tasty.

You can really high quality of namkeen and bhujiya that are varied mixes that are created and served varied different states of India in an exceedingly new combination like there are matri that's known in north and there's bhujiya that's had plenty in whole of India similarly as there are several namkeens like kolhapuri namkeen, ratlami sev, bhakar gully, chakri,  mathiya in gujarat.  

There are several such kind of snacks that are consumed in India and with the Indian population that's there in CA we now have some wonderful stores that sell Indian Food in Santa Clara, they have various kinds of indian snacks that they sell, even some delicious pickles like mango pickle and onion pickle, lemon pickle and mixed or the chilly pickle similarly the garlic pickle, there are several product that are extremely tasty and you'll like to eat them and they are addictive.

Satkar Indian cuisine is one such Indian restaurant in Santa Clara who are known for  freshness, taste, and overall quality of the delicacies they serve. you'll realize several delectable and equally fantastic dishes to eat.

At Satkar Indian cuisine, they are known to prepare  food with completely different Indian Spices and Herbs, all roasted along to form appetizing dishes. They have authentic Indian food with all exquisite Kebabs, North Indian delights and best  of Indian desserts too. 


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