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The day I am in a really bad mood I want to be left out and I go out somewhere and sit and relax my senses. I saw this young girl in the park, the innocence that I saw in her smile and her eyes calmed me down in a second. I saw her the young girl eating a Pizza in San Jose, right near the park. She seemed happy and had nothing to worry off in life. 

I saw the young girl smiling and eating the flavorful pizza and was lost in her own dream world, she looked least bothered of the surroundings at that time. She was at peace and concentrated on her Pizza completely. Pizza is without any doubts one of the most desired delicacy that not only that young little girls and boys love to eat but indeed pizza has the power to make anyone and everyone feel happy.

Mike’s Pizza in San Jose, is a pizzeria serving some of the most amazing and splendid range of pizza that are meaty and cheesy, exotic spices are used in the Indian topping pizza that they serve up.One of the best pizza that California offers. After all there is nothing that can be better than a pizza, with good  friends and great music. At Mike’s Pizza, we offer you the coolest varieties of pizza, one to die for. There are fries that you can have along with your Pizza as the fries will complete that joyous pleasure that pizza has to offer!


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