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Indian food is amazing to eat that you will never feel that its enough that we have eaten the dishes yet. One will always want more and more Indian food to taste and have a blast.

Indian cuisine includes food from various regions and then each region has their own liking in terms of spices and till the preference of food is concerned it even depends on the region they belong too.

Like wheat is grown in north and till you see north Indians eat more of roti’s rather than rice. In the same way there are many south Indians are fond of rice as it is grown there and there are many things that you need to look after when you think of the kind of Indian food that you might like to eat. 

You can find many Indian restaurants in San Jose as there are many Indians who are residing there and they can't live without Indian cuisine and they always want to taste something new all the time and many of the dishes that are cooked are cooked good at a large scale and the best part is that when its only one or two people who are to eat the food there is no point cooking something that is time consuming.

Great Indian Cuisine is a Indian restaurant in San Jose, it is the best place the place when you wish to have regional North Indian and South Indian cuisine and we have our own unique recipes. We offer blissful vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in our menu for endless delicacies to select from. To savour on some really nice food visit Great Indian Cuisine.

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