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Indian food is made in a variation that you will  fall for it and will create a ever longing love for the food that you have tasted from the Indian palate. It is really worth trying out some of the Indian dishes, it will be a platter full of surprises in the end for the amazing taste and blend of spices that Indian food in Santa Clara.

Indian delicacies are loved and accepted all around the globe and when we talk of United States it has a special connection as there are so many Indians staying there and here in US people are in love with the Indian food and a hard core Indians can stay without anything but can never do without Indian food let them be anywhere in the world. It is very important  for Indians that they get Indian food they want available always.

So they make it a point that they get Indian food as they want wherever they are. That is the reason there are so many admirers of Indian food in Santa Clara as there are a lot of Indians residing there and they want to chill out and  eat out but sometimes Indian food that they can’t cook at home. The authentic dishes that are hard to cook at home because of the complexity and you can further have fun tasting a new dish cooked by someone else that will have a flavorful taste.

Great Indian Cuisine, is a Indian restaurant in Santa Clara serving real home style North and tasty South Indian food be it steamed idli which is mild to taste with just salt and you can even taste tandoori chicken which will be spicy and hot full of flavors, at  GIC you will be amazed own unique recipes that tastes exotic.Serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for endless delicacies to select from. GIC takes pride in the quality service and great food that is offered . Enjoy the freshly prepared dishes, coupled with an elegant ambiance that is splendid and exceptional service GIC has to offer.


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