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There are plenty of cuisines that we can count on when it comes to world Cuisine, we can always dive in the All American classics or go on and eat some real authentic Indian & Italian food, or Have a Asian takeaway or Mexican food in San Jose.

For Mexican Cuisine has now been very famous, the colours on a plate that are appetizing in any Mexican dish that you order  and rejoice!

There are many of mexican restaurants in Milpitas serving some superb Mexican food, that you just can keep requesting for!

Food that's the choice for good health as there are a lot of veggies used in each Mexican preparation, as a compliment as a corn on the cob or veggies are utilized in wraps too. Mexican food will involve plenty of grease however you can opt for roasted or toasted than deep-fried. Use of beans and cheese offers you Protein and makes the meal a significant meal ok for you to last all day long.

Baja Cactus, A Mexican restaurant in Milpitas, serving authentic Mexican delicacies to the neighborhood. We at Baja Cactus are always eager to create your Dining experience worthwhile. We serve up amazing Mexican starters if you are just in a mood to munch on something or you can have the filling entrees and dig on some  tempting desserts. We believe in quality food and  we maintain our service standards. baja-cactus is famous for the savory delicacies served to its guest. We believe in maintaining a good and healthy relationship with our guests, once it involves celebrating with Mexican food, Baja Cactus is that the best place to be.
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