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Indian Cuisine has so much to offer that the way it is served in the  Indian restaurant in California. Serving up some exotic Indian delicacies that have been famous all over the globe.
One of the Indian restaurant in Fremont is Taj e Chaat, we are famous for the authentic Indian food that we serve and it is exotic.  We serve various kinds of meals like mains, desserts, sandwiches and many more.
One of the dishes served here is Kadhai Paneer. It is a vegetarian delicacy.
Makhani Paneer
1.    250 gms Cottage Cheese
2.    1 Capsicum
3.    2 Onions
4.    4 Tomato
5.    1 " long piece Ginger
6.    1 tsp Red Chili Powder
7.    2 Bay Leaf
8.    4 Cloves
9.    1 piece Cinnamon
10.  4 Garlic cloves
11. 4 tbsp Clarified Butter
12. Cream
How to make Makhni paneer:
     Cut cottage cheese, cubes style pieces.
     Grind onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, salt and red chili powder into a paste
     Mince cloves and cinnamon.
     Heat the butter in the pan. Add bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon to it.
     Then add tomato,and spice  paste.
     Continue cooking it on medium flame till ghee begins to separate.
     Add paneer  pieces.
     Cook on low flame. While adding cream to it.Take off the heat and serve hot. Serve with  parathas
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