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Mexican food is much loved and appreciated in California as Mexico does share its borders with California, there are many Mexicans staying in California and there is a lot of influence of Mexican food there! Mexican food is  quite famous in Santa Clara county when we talk of California with the Mexican people living there, it has influenced the people around the neighborhood and motivated them to eat more Mexican food in California. There are a lot of Mexican dishes that are amazingly delicious for eating something that is even healthy and it tastes  great. 

Mexican cuisine  is healthy for the way it is cooked, mostly cornmeal is used to make the base of tortillas or even corn chips helping you avoid the refined flour usage. Corn is even served as corn on the cobs and secondly beans are used a lot too. There are many Mexican restaurants in Newark serving amazing Mexican food that will leave you awestruck Serving up some healthy Mexican delicacies that might have more butter used but are healthy, moreover life is to live and enjoy the food!

La Cabana, is a Mexican restaurant in Newark serving authentic Mexican dishes to the neighborhood since 1961. We at La Cabana try to make your eating experience unforgettable.

The restaurant is Known for the mouthwatering food served to the guests who are coming there. La Cabana believes in maintaining a healthy relationship with guests, offering catering services for  birthday party, weddings or parties, be it anything, when it comes to celebrating with Mexican food!

Mexican food in California has taken a revolutionary change over the past many years now.The food is staple to eat for any meal and any level of hunger!


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