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Indian cuisine is known for the authentic taste and curries that it has to offer all around the world, Indian food has special flare to it! The food is so tempting that you should at least taste Indian food once in a lifetime and you will always keep asking for more!
When we talk of Indian Cuisine then Santa Clara has Indian Restaurant that offer Indian that has won the hearts of the people who have relished them. There is a unique blend of taste that Indian cuisine offers. Indian food is Union of cuisines of different states of India and different cultures and religions.
In India every festival is has a special delicacy that can be said to symbolize with the particular dish, like Chikki is a sweet made up of Sesame seeds and peanuts and they are cooked with Palm sugar till nutty perfection and then you can set them in a tray and once set have them as a nice bar to munch that has lot of energy in it.
Same way we have Undhyu is a veggie packed delight  that this prepared on Makar Sankranti, or better known as  kite flying day. Undhyu is prepared with a special blend of spices mixed with chillies and  vegetables like  potatoes, brinjal, tomatoes, onions, carrots, yam, sweet potatoes, snow peas, you can add all the seasonal veggies which are found in winters.
There are many Indian Restaurants In Santa Clara Ca that serve up some tempting Indian food to its neighborhood. One such Restaurant is Punjab Cafe.  We at Punjab Cafe we do understand the importance of family gathering and eating well. When enjoying food is your agenda then Punjab Cafe is the place to be! You can select from many equally fantastic dishes to feast on for your palate.
We prepare our food with various  Indian Spices and Herbs, meticulously cooked to prepare mouth lingering dishes. Now Indian food can be ordered online on


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