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Every cuisine develops according to the geographical setting and environment of that county. Italy and its food go the same way. The fertile soil from the Po River is perfect for a huge variety of plants and Italy being surrounded from sea on three sides gives a wide range of seafood and coastal vegetation. These together give the choice of a number of ingredients of very good quality to the cooks. Italians are known for the pizza, pasta and tomato sauce but Italian food has much more to offer as the national cuisine greatly differs according to the region. All this variety could be found in the Italian restaurants of Cupertino and Fremont.

Italians believe that every food has a unique taste and that should not be masked with strong flavors. The passion for the food, family and life is the core of Italians, no matter where they come from. These traditions are followed in the restaurants of Sunnyvale and Cupertino. The menu has deep roots in tradition and authenticity. The food served is the tradition combined with current trends giving an unforgettable essence of Italian food in San Jose. The cooks as well as the people serving tables have complete knowledge of the combinations in which food should taste the best. 

A much grand side of these restaurants is their capacity to hold family events, launch parties or even corporate meetings. The banquet halls in San Jose are the part of Italian restaurants. Thus a new combination of flaunting decor, delicious food, superb service and pleasing music brings a new experience in such wonderful events. The team of staff as well as the design is such to easily handle and entertain 170-200 people. The ambience and the hospitality with the best Italian food of San Jose bring dynamicity and high spirits to the party.

Now many restaurants have the uniqueness in terms of food taste and quality as that of the Zahir’s Bistro. Their menu and concept is constantly evolving successfully only because they take great pride in Italian culture and that gives a distinct class to their food. The Italian food served will explain to the customer how once considered as a poor man’s food rose to a place where even if more than half of the world only knows pasta and pizza as the only Italian food, they have conquered all the cuisines of the world.


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