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Oh! it’s such a relief and feels so good when you know that  pizza is healthy and you can eat them always without guilt to your hearts content. Yes, that is  myth and we need surpass this age old belief that pizza is a junk food and rather look at the various benefits it has due to the ingredients used to make a pizza. The pizza base is healthy as most of the places uses 50% wholemeal flour to the rest 50% Refined and you can have 100% wholemeal crust too for a healthier option . While the Tomatoes used as  puree in the sauce for the Pizza base contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that really helps to fight many different types of cancer and tomatoes are even used as a topping in some classic pizza that makes is more and more fruitful.

While onions are a common topping in veggie pizza it has some real benefits to, its rich in chromium, fiber and vitamin C, helping one to control the level of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.While the Black olives used in pizza in San Jose often  helps ward off heart disease and lower the bad cholesterol. Red meat when replaced with some healthy cottage cheese can give you that needed punch for your protein cutting off the fats in it! While red pepper  are sweet and tasty are a source of  of Vitamin C, A, and B6 making it a vitamin rich meal good for your soul too. While Cheese is a rich source of calcium and has protein as well giving you the needed energy for all day work.

As we all know pizza is by far the most consumed  and loved delicacy that everyone craves to eat. Bombay Pizza House is where you go when you want to have pizza in Fremont, in California. At Bombay Pizza House, you get the yummiest pizza, one to die for. The pizza here is   cheesy, meaty, juicy and spicy. 

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