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The title defines it all what I am about to write about. Yes, the flavors of Indian food which are widely known for its zesty and spice touch. The Indian food is good enough to make anyone go mad about it. The food comes with richness of so many flavors with extraordinary spices that are only found on the spice capital of the world- India.

However, many of the Indian restaurants Sunnyvale CA, today in the market try to make Indian food available to the world but somehow, due to lack of expertise, fail to produce what’s called the home-like experience. Though, if you are looking for best Indian restaurant in Santa Clara, then the only name you can trust for getting best Indian food in Santa Clara is Satkar Indian Cuisine.

Satkar Indian cuisine has been on the top of any other Indian restaurant in Santa Clara. What they have to offer as their specialty in Indian food, let’s have a look:

-    DesiVada: This famous dish from western parts of India is both sweet and spicy at the same times. The cool lentil dumplings are soaked quite well in yoghurt which is topped after that with the spices and chutney.

-    Kheer:
The famed rice pudding from India which is made from several dry fruit ingredients and lots of milk and rice. This sweet dish is liked in both the ways, either served hot or chilled.

-    Garlic Naan: One can never forget the experience of having the garlic naan from this Indian restaurant in Sunnyvale CA, which is actually the bread with leaves in it served with cilantro and of course garlic.

-    AlooPrantha: This food is counted as heaviest and tastiest in the wheat bread dishes. The flat wheat bread is finely stuffed with mashed potatoes mixed with extraordinary Indian spices.

-    Masala Vada: You can simply define them as the fried golden colored lentil doughnuts made with chana dal that’s crushed with mixture of fresh spices and onions.

-    Vegetable Biryani: This is a simple dish which was firstly made with chicken but now also comes in vegetable version in this Indian restaurant in Santa Clara comprising basmati rice which is mixed with vegetables and raisins & nuts.

Being this rich in the Indian flavors, this best Indian restaurant in Sunnyvale is serving the Indian flavors from years and has been quite a success.


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