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Everyone in this world loves to think about food. We wonder how so much varieties of food exist on our globe. If we start naming, the food flavors which are world known today consists Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and many more. The Indian food though has started gaining popularity from past few years, and what before was called as ugly spicy food, has now established as lovely spicy food. The spices are identity of Indian cuisines. USA has over 80,000 Indian restaurants today out of which many Indian restaurants San Jose are serving to the Indian food lovers in America.

Though many Indian cuisine San Jose don’t have that taste which isdesired by many Indian natives residing there or by Indian food lovers of America. However, out of few fine names in known for Indian food San Jose, Taj-e-Chaat is famous for the best Indian snack food- Chaat which is loved globally.

What is Chaat?

The chaat is a word given to the spicy Indian Snack foods offered and eminently known worldwide. Almost all the Indian restaurants Fremont offer chaat in there food menu. It is widely known for its zesty varieties. In India, the most famous chaat are:

Samosa Chaat, which is a filling of mashed potatoes and other vegetables caked and fried, served with the chutney. Chutney is also found in several varieties.

VegeatableTikki, which is also a dish made of mashed potatoes and vegetables but pan fried and is much spicier than Samosas.

Pakoras are made of enormous varieties. This thing is for those who love the fried vegetables. They are also widely served with chutney.

Pulao is a rice dish. The rice is cooked finely with lots of Indian spices and vegetables, and when served hot, it gives an astonishing experience to the eater.

The Best in CA

Whether it is Samosa Chaat, or it is vegetable tikki, Taj-e-Chaat is the king of Indian restaurant Newark in serving the Indian snack food Chaat. You will find a pure home-like experience after visiting this finest Indian cuisine San Jose. The spices used by them are freshly prepared and the chaat made by them is considered the best Indian food San Jose.

So if you are looking to hang out with your friends or family, for having a quick taste of Indian flavors, you better pick the finest Indian restaurant Newark. You can visit them on every day of the week from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.


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