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Food is what we live for. Varying from area to area, food has infinite appearances and differs from taste, style and everything at all different places. In all those, we know that what a reputation Indian food has. The taste of Indian foods with spicy tangling dishes and extraordinary varieties owns a different air in all over the globe. But when you want to have those Indian flavors t foreign soil, you better choose the best one, and that is why we are here with the finest Indian restaurant in Seattle WA. With varieties of traditional Indian foods to the modern Indian diets, the Kanak India Restaurant is the best Indian restaurant in Seattle.

The Foods

Kanak offers a variety of Indian food in Seattle with list of all the traditional Indian techniques cooked with fresh spices. The spice-full menu of the restaurant includes several best Indian foods made for giving the home-like experience.

Vegetable dishes which are made of fresh vegetables blended with all the spices very finely. Don’t worry if you don’t like too much spice because you can tell the spice level before ordering. 

Then they have tandoori dishes which come from authentic tandoors of India. 

Then the chicken dishes are there, prepared with the base of tomato or cream. You can here too, tell your choice of chicken before ordering that whether you want with bones or boneless. 

After that comes the seafood dishes which are also a pleasure to the mouth. This best Indian restaurant in Seattle comes with surprises here for its customers.

After that, they have lamb dishes. Lamb is prepared with just like chicken with offerings of with vegetables or in curry style. 

The rice dishes after that also have variety of flavors. The long grain rice, baptized as Basmati is used in all their rice food offerings.

Soups and salads are too included in the menu with a lot of taste excellence present in it. 

The last but not the least is the desert food which is famous in India as whether the sweet milk dishes flour based dishes.

If you are looking for a dinner night with your family, this is the place you ought to be. They are open all days a week, with lunch as well as dinner buffets. You can order food online by this fantastic Indian Cuisine Seattle for any kind of event and party too, to give your guests a totally new and brilliant experience.


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