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They are spicy, traditional, colorful, flavorsome and of course taste great. We are talking about the tastiest Indian food only! If you feel like enjoying the true taste of India in a latter, then best restaurant offering the best Indian food Sunnyvale like the Satkar Indian Cuisine restaurant. Starting from mouthwatering tandoori till the special biryani you can enjoy all varieties of Indian delicacies here. Almost all dishes are farm fresh and hygienically prepared to meet the high taste expectations of the customers visiting here.

The Menu

The long array of Indian cuisine offered at the Satkar Indian Restaurant can just make you rush for their food now. There are tasty chat items that are nothing but simple snacks flavored with spices, and the best sweet, tangy and salty taste. There are also traditional wraps and rolls made of flat breads to help you manage your hunger while you drive or busy at work.

The Indian tandoori specialties and biryanis need no introduction because they are famous all over the world for their unique taste, fulfilling look and also they are a healthy meal to eat if a person is diet conscious and watchful about their health. Just walk in to the Indian restaurant in Sunnyvale like the Satkar Indian Cuisine and enjoy your favorite Indian food anytime.

If you are planning for a traditional Indian function or celebration at home or you need the best Indian food your corporate function, then you can also look for the food catering services offered by the best Indian restaurants in Sunnyvale. Just visit the official website of a restaurant of your choice and make sure the restaurant offers catering service for both house parties and outdoor parties.

The catering special menu can be anything from snacks, till, biryanis, wraps, katti rolls and more. For a small party, the Indian snacks like the pakoras, samosas, chat items etc. are just fulfilling. For bigger parties and events you can go for multi-course menu like biryanis, tandoori food, special gravy items, grillers and more.

The Indian sweets need special mention for the appealing color, flavor and taste. Look for Indian special sweets like the gajarhalwa, milksweets, rasmalai and others to offer special festive treats to your friends and your dear ones.You can also find special deals and discounts online at the website of the Indian restaurants in Sunnyvale and can enjoy saving more.


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