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Among all international cuisines, the foremost that is served and preferred by people is Italian food than on the row is Mexican, Chinese and Indian food. Italian food is famous for the sobriety and uniqueness among all other cuisines around the world. The Italian food is preferred over other food because of the relishing taste which cannot be found anywhere round the globe. The Italian food best taste with wine as one can always find the Italian food is often served with wine. Well the popularity of the Italian is mounting day by day. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian Italian food is considered the finest of all.

Zahir’s doyens of Italian

Well people living in the area of San Jose and the surrounding area are well aware of the importance of Zahir’s bistro when it comes to Italian food. They are considered the best to serve the Italian food in California. They are the finest among all other Italian restaurants in San Jose for the finest and delicate Italian cuisine they serve. The Zahir’s are serve unique Italian dishes which is hardly served in any Italian restaurants in Fremont.

Extra ordinary features

The Zahir’s bistro Italian restaurant in addition with serving Italian dishes also provide Party halls in San Jose which adds cherry to the dessert. The presence of party halls has facilitated many works like, conducting any event or party or one can even plan a surprise for their loved ones. They are among the restaurants which serve banquet halls San Jose Ca. The aura of conducting any event in Zahir’s is unique in itself as they offer finest facility for conducting any type of event be it official meetings or unofficial parties like birthdays or marriages. The Zahir’s are not just known for the wine they serve or the halls facility or the delicious food they provide but also for their extremely perfect hospitality. They are known for their well-mannered service by the staff which is totally trained and are experts in their work.


They are open 5 days a week serving lunch as well as dinner from Tuesday to Saturday and on Saturdays they also conduct the dance and music shows for the customers. On Sundays it is closed but can open on special request only for conducting some events or parties. The timings of lunch and dinner are planned in such a manner that one can always keep it an option to have food in Zahir’s.


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