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The name itself makes us feels tangy- the Indian food. We all know that India is famous for spices and how the food there is kept exceptionally unique from every corner of the world, with their variety of zesty foods. But still, you can’t say anything wrong about western foods as they have taken the whole world with them. The trending western foods comprises of on major dish, known as Pizza, which is made with different techniques and styles and that’s why, is present in enormous varieties in all over the globe.

Just adding to those varieties, Bombay Pizza House brings the western and Indian flavors together, by presenting the Indian spice blends in Pizzas. Few of their varieties of pizza are considered the best pizza in San Jose. They have become an eminent name in pizza selling due to their ever-growing sales rate. Established in 2012, this family owned business has various things to offer in the pizza Union City. You can choose from several offers and deals present for the pizzas that you get at this finest pizza in Fremont. From the entire Indian restaurant in Fremont, Bombay Pizza house has gained a lot of fame in just two years of its commencement. What it has in the menu, let’s see.

Varieties of Pizzas

The pizzas available at the Bombay Pizza House comprise of many varieties which are unique in them and also own the title for best Pizza in Fremont CA.

There is a big line up of local Indian Pizzas kept under the name, Desi Premium Pizzas including names like chilli Paneer, Shahi Paneer, Achari Gobhi Pizza, chicken tikka and many others.

Premium Veggie: With vegetable toppings, there are varieties present in this section as cheese, red sauce, mushrooms, black olives, diced tomatoes, red onions, bell peppers and artichokes.

Classic Combination: the classic combinations have offerings as red sauce, salami, cheese, bell peppers, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, Linguica, red onion, beef and sausage.

Chicken Supreme: The finest Pizza in Fremont offers cheese, white sauce, bacon, chicken, green onion and diced tomatoes in the section of chicken supreme.

Other: There are varieties of other pizzas present like Mexican, Hawaiian, Meat Lovers, BBQ Chicken, and Sizzling Bacon, present in this best Pizza Fremont CA.

Moreover, you can hire them for parties too, with one of the finest catering services by any Indian restaurant in Oakland. Order online to get the tangling experience.


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