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Everyone’s interested in the topic “Food”, the thing which everyone wants to have in a different kind every time. All of us like food so much that our eyes start seeing different foods even if we talk about it. Indians are of course known to be the most interesting food makers of the world which is filled with lots of spices and ingredients. But do you know some interesting facts that will make you wonder about Indian food. Here I present 9 drawing facts about Indian food that you should be known to.

1.    We all have known that Indian land is known as the “land of spices”. Well, there is a fact behind it. India produces the largest number of spice varieties than any other country in the world.

2.    Not everything was from Indians though. The Arab, Roman and Greek traders are known to bring first overseas flavors in Indian food. The saffron is one of them.

3.   The staple ingredients like tomato, chili, and potato were brought in India by foreigners too. Portuguese bought them to India.

4.    Portuguese have contributed much more than that to India. The refined sugar was introduced by them. Before refined sugar, we used to have honey and different fruits as sweeteners.

5.    This one might be shocking to you. The world famous chicken tikka masala, which is an eminent Indian food, is not actually India. It was first cooked in Glasgow city of Scotland.

6.    In mid 1960s, first Indian based restaurant was opened in USA. However, today the number of Indian restaurants in USA is more than 80,000.

7.   No one knows the traditional Indian eating habits because we still are far behind from understanding the ancient language of Indus Valley Civilization.

8.    It is known that in India, a perfect balanced diet is that which contains the six flavors: salty, sweet, bitter, astringent, spicy and sour.

9.    By the Indian food system, the food is categorized into three different categories- Saatvic (containing juice and fresh vegetables); Raajsic (containing spicy and oily food) and; Taamsic (containing liquor and meat).

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