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If you ever had the Indian flavors in your mouth, you should be admitting that it is the really hard one to beat. So many exceptional variations suitable for a healthy living makes it brilliantly unusual thing in the entire food world. However, being said that, the restaurant food can still take you down in terms of health because it contains fat, calories and sugar. Still, if you don’t want to miss on the incredible dinner with your family, here are few tips to go Indiana without getting affected with Indian food in Santa Clara.

1. Keepaway the Chips and Salsa

Though, they are tasty, and they are tangy and they are crunchy but they are featured with over-calories and fat to fit in any type of good diet so better keep your distance from it.

2. Keep away The Hard Shells

The deep fried crispy hard shells are rather an appropriate example of what fat is, so before going for it, think if you want to get fat or want to look as you are.

3. Keep Away the Refried

Pinto beans, in my opinion are the best beans to get the proteins, iron and carbohydrates. Instead of getting the refried, better take Pinto beans so that you can keep that calories level maintained.

4. Pick Your Own Protein

You should be picky in your protein choice. Don’t think that all protein food have equal amount of it. Chicken proves to be richer in protein than beef because it is kept les processed. Fish can be the best choice in protein food, until and unless, it is not deep fried. So, while you go to an Indian restaurant in San Jose, ask first that how the meat is prepared, so that you can choose a healthy diet.

5. Make Your Own Meal

Some of the Indian restaurant in Santa Clara offer separated meal components. Make your own tacos, fajita and everything else because then you know what is going to be in them and in how much amount.

Punjab Cafe is the most popular Indian restaurant in San Jose serving the city from years with their excellent Indian food in San Jose. They can arrange party & banquet halls in San Jose too with quite an unforgettable experience of Indian food. You will get a healthy and nutritious diet and all that at a very small, budget friendly cost in Punjab Cafe. So next time you look better make your choice as Punjab Cafe Indian Cuisine.


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