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Looking for the best restaurant offering traditional and tasty Indian food in Seattle? Then Kanak Indian Cuisine is the right place for you to check out. This is one among the best and the top rated Indian restaurant in Seattle WA. From flat Indian breads to tasty basmati rice menu, you can enjoy authentic Indian food made of farm fresh vegetables, hygienically prepared meat and fresh sea food here.

At Kanak, you can enjoy endless Indian menu that consists of the following:

•    Appetizers – This includes smaller snacks made of traditional Indian spices and flour mix like samosas, pakoras made of vegetables, chicken, paneer etc., samosa chaat, calamari that are nothing but deep fried squid in Indian spices and more. The appetizers are best as evening snacks and they make a perfect menu for small house parties and corporate events.

•    Indian Breads – The authentic Indian breads are ready-to-eat flat breads made of wheat flour and maida. They make a healthy main for lunch and dinner with perfect side dishes like gravy and other fries. The Indian breads you msut try are the naan varieties that are made of olive oil and cilantro with flour, kulcha which is a hot bread with stuffed vegetables, and more.

•    Vegetable Entrees – the vegetable entrees are made of fresh vegetables and stock. The paneer gravy is a must-try dish at any Indian restaurant and it is offered in many flavors and variants with varied sauces as their base sauce. Few restaurants like the Kanak Indian Cuisine offer basmati rice with these entrees to make a proper full meal.

•    Indian Sizzlers – Indian sizzler menu is an awesome food choice for any foodie. They consist of tandoori varieties, chicken tikka varieties, kebabs, Indian mix grill varieties and more. These food items are made in a special tandoori clay oven to get you the best smoky taste.

•    Desserts – The sweets and desserts made in India are known for their remarkable taste and flavor. One must try Indian desserts like the rasmalai, gulab jamun that are cheese balls made of flour and deep fried and gently drowned in sweet syrup, kheer a tasty Indian milk based drink made of nuts and basmati rice.

When you are at Seattle, and feeling like tasting Indian food, then you must visit the Kanak Indian Cuisine restaurant. If you do not have time to visit the restaurant then visit it online and just like that order your food with


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