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The specialty of food is that it connects various tongues, tastes, traditions, flavors together. The food lovers or you can say foodies know exactly what it is like to go through distinct foods and discover new savors. From those infinite essences of foods available in world, the Indian grubs have certainly attained an eminent name. From the street snack foods to the high quality royal diets, everything from India has been undoubtedly admired all over the globe. What are the foods that are popular and where can you get the best Indian food in Santa Clara, we will find the answers to these questions in this article further.

The Foods

There are number of Indian Restaurants Sunnyvale CA which comes up with a variety of new and old grubs of India. If I start penning about all the Indian foods, a 1000 page book will complete and there would be still many things to write. Let’s have a look at some basic Indian foods offered by Indian Restaurants in Santa Clara.

Indian Snack Foods-

•    Vegetable Samosa: This combo of peas and mashed potatoes served in coating of wheat pastry is deep fried and delivered with chutney.
•    Paani-Puri- crunchy shells, filled with mintwater,potatoes and onion leaves a piquant flavor in mouth.
•    AlooTikki- Mashed potatoes fried well with green chili and onion in it is served with different types of chutneys including sweet and tangy.
•    Pakora- The one who like those deep fried Mexican vegetable dishes will also love these vegetables dipped in beans batter and fried deeply.

However, there are several other Indian snack foods which are famous in Indian Restaurant Sunnyvale CA, these are the best basic foods known globally.

Famous Indian Cuisines-

•    Chicken Tikka- This Indian way of giving the chicken a spice coating and cooking in tandoor is world famous and almost every Indian Restaurant Sunnyvale CA serves this famous chicken cuisine.
•    AlooPrantha- This is wheat bread which is stuffed with a mixture of Indian spices with mashed potatoes.
•    Biryani- It is cooked in two ways. The first being the basmati rice cooked with vegetables and nuts & raisins while the other being non-veg, where again basmati rice is cooked with beef or chicken.

All these are considered as the best Indian Food Sunnyvale and can be availed from any of the best Indian restaurant in Santa Clara like Satkar Indian Cuisine, which has become an eminent name in all the Indian restaurants delivering best Indian food in Santa Clara.


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