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Food is always praised when it’s delicious in taste, with it the when who had stewed such a succulent diet also receives compliments from the guests or whom so ever the food was served. Not only the one who cooked the food but the nation from where that particular cuisine belongs to is also in the highlights. Foods are also the one of the way from which nations gain popularity and so as the Indian food has played its role to give India a new type of recognition. Indian food also enriched the world with its taste of spices and made an ever lasting impression of the country all over the world. It is the taste of Indian food that attracts food lovers all over the world to India and explores its diversity of food throughout the country.

Crossing the boundaries

With time it was the need to carry the rich taste of Indian food across the geographical boundaries and let reach to every single human on the earth as a result it found the space in menu of international hotels. Indian food was started being served and consumed happily, by a class of people but yet it was not affordable by everyone. As taste of India is better known by its people ad they are fairly handling it in the form of numerous Indian restaurants all around the globe.

One of the pearl

There is a pearl offering the beauty of Indian cuisine Santa Clara with the same original taste. Punjab Cafe Indian Cuisine is the one offering Indian food and stand among best San Jose Indian restaurant. Although there are many Santa Clara Indian restaurants, but just a name can’t promise you the taste that Punjab cafe does. The chefs of the restaurant are highly qualified in their profession with the proper knowledge of the recipe of cuisine stands as the pillars keeping the promise of the restaurant to deliver the best Indian cuisine San Jose.

Menu available

With the well trained staff that, is always happy to serve the customer and treat them as their guest serving them Indian food San Jose.

Punjab cafe serves a verity of delicious Indian foods including hot appetizers like samosa, paneertikka, pakora, chicken tikka, etc. The list of the menu doesn’t stops here and you are also offered with special elements, chicken elements, lamb elements, vegetable and seafood elements. Tandoori special, rice dishes, soups, desert, lassi and lot more awaits you access through the restaurant.


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