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Indian food has of course taken the whole world with its truly amazing blends of spices and varieties of food options. Many of us who hated it few years back now love to have this astounding sensation. But for those who are taking the Indian Food San Jose for the first time and don’t want to ruin it, let’s go through some foods, you should have to begin with.

Almost every Indian cuisine San Jose offers this pocket food. The pastries are kept triangular and fried to give it a crisp shell and inside is filled with several mashed vegetables, post commonly potatoes, onions and peas. Samosas are generally not that spicy but you can always ask the server before ordering and if you want to try lighter one first then you can order it. This food can be kept the most accessible Indian food Santa Clara. Before the meal, the samosas can be taken as an appetizer.

Raita and Chutney
Well, you have samosas but you need something to dip them in. So here it is, what you will use for dipping in- the chutney, which is basically is a sauce which contains spices, of course, vegetables and fruits. Mostly, they will be found in two colors- green and red. San Jose Indian Restaurant offers both the type of chutneys. The green is generally because of coriander or mint while the red is because of sweet or sour tamarind. They are the Indian Salsas actually. Whereas Raita is nothing but a yogurt based sauce, made with cumin, mint, cilantro and various other herbs with a certain amount of spices. You can ask for the spice level in these two also.

If you are a lover of vegetable tempura or you can say fried okra, or you love any other version of fried vegetables then you will be in love with this superbly fried veggies named pakora. You will find the battered vegetables most often in pakoras, though they can also be made of chicken inside. These are also served with chutney in most Indian Cuisine Santa Clara.

These all can be available at the best San Jose Indian restaurant named as Punjab Café. They have all these starter items to get you start with Indian food. So, for the cheapest and finest service of Indian food Santa Clara, better choose the reliable services of Punjab Café.


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