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The Italian dish is now a popular one across the globe. Each country is busy inventing its version with innovative ingredients and condiments. The original pizza has now completely being transformed from a humble thin crust variety with mozzarella cheese to one loaded with exotic toppings. With sizable Indian community spread worldwide, pizza outlets have started using countries food preferences.

Finding pizza in Fremont Ca is not difficult as there is one outlet in almost every lane. The craze and legion of fans has made this one of the best and popular dishes in the world. Pizza are devoured at any given occasion be it parties, anniversaries or simple get together. Goes well with a chilled glass of beer or coke, there are some best pizza in Fremont at great offers. 

How does this Italian dish get a fusion twist?

•    Many Indian restaurants in Fremont are offering Indian versions of Pizza with options of having cottage cheese or chicken curry toppings.

•    These tantalizing and appetizing pizzas in Fremont are gaining lot of followers with diners driving from long distances just to get a bite.

•    A special barbequed variety is also developed for those who like things grilled and cheesed for ultimate eating experience

•    For those looking to enjoy a match sitting at home they can order food online in Fremont

•    Each eatery or take away counters offer amazing deals and discounts during off and on season

•    Regular customers get additional benefits like getting one pizza free on ordering a large pan pizza

•    Customers get updates on the mails and mobiles for upcoming offers and deals

•    Online content is organized to connect with customers on regular basis

The idea of going to one of these pizza parlors and relishing the cheesy treat is a worth the drive. These places have a very lively ambience as latest music is played continuously and staff members keep the guests busy with food and drinks. Take advantage of on-store contests and interaction to win a chance to get a free pizza and favorite beverage. Sounds really exciting?

Start with tasty starters, binge on healthy salads and dig in some pizza in thin or medium crust. Add a little drink to get best eating experience. Fremont now is a well frequented pizza destination for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodies who love pizza.

So take a drive down to this place and dine at a restaurant the serves Indian pizza with the much talked about fusion.


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