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Indian food seem to grabbing a lot of attention of foodies especially residents of Santa Clara and Sunnyvale Ca. More and more people in the vicinity are sampling Indian food especially the curries and kebab. For those looking for something spicy, authentic and tasty food and snacks it best to go for this eastern cuisine.

With rising popularity and Indian Diasporas settled in United States, there are best Indian restaurants in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara.  Some nook or corner might be having a food joint serving lip smacking spiced up Indian food. Most o f them time all these joints are crowded as people come in large numbers to savour the delightful food.

Indian restaurants in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale Ca is reported to be doing brisk business. Every quarter a new setup is launched and the present one continue to make money all round the year.

The defining features of best Indian food in Sunnyvale and adjoining places are:

•    Expect to be served food made with Indian ingredients imported from the country

•    Ambience is set up where people can enjoy a relaxed meal in most comfortable seating arrangements

•    Impeccable hospitality with staff trained to make people feel at home when at the restaurant

•    Live Indian music and performance by local and Indian troupe

•    Snack, lunch and dinner buffet for those who want to taste a wide variety

•    Seasonal discounts and coupon for all customers

•    Facility to order online food in Sunnyvale and other places

•    Top class quality of food with attention to health and hygiene

•    Get group discounts or on referrals

•    Enjoy private dining by making booking in advance

•    Happy hour privileges are also offered

•    Bigger restaurants have facilities to host private functions

•    Catering provided for all functions

•    Mini meals for office goers and professionals

If looking for something different than the usual burger or pizza, opt for Indian dishes and eating places for a change. The variety of food, its taste and overall experience will leave one speechless. Sitting in US Indians and local community can relish all those dishes that are served back home or made in home kitchen. The additional benefit of enjoying soul to folk Indian music and dance are something to look forward to.

So look up for a good place and take the family for a wonderful evening. When good food is served in perfect ambience then one cannot ask for. Take this food tour and relish the after taste for days to come.


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