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Want to try something spicy and finger licking dishes? How about trying out Indian restaurant serving authentic cuisine?  Indian food is so popular world over that finding an Indian restaurant in San Jose is not that difficult anymore.

Just drive a little from home or work there will some or the other eatery serving Indian cuisine in San Jose. Many outlets have opened up in last couple of years given the demand and presence of Indian population in the vicinity. These places serve amazing Indian food in San Jose and are very popular among local residents.

Dig in some piping hot samosa with tamarind chutney or opt for chole bhature to chilli chicken, all at Indian restaurant in Fremont. There are couple of very good places to take family as well as relatives for a warm dinner gathering.

For residents not wanting to drive all the way to the food joint order food online Milpitas option is there. Same is for those in Fremont and San Jose.

Thinking of checking few of them out then here are some of the attractions to look forward too:

•    All Indian restaurant use ingredients and condiments specially brought from India in order to serve similar taste to the foodies.

•    Offer fabulous ambience where one can take small and big groups for lunch, dinner or snacks.

•    Chefs are usually Indian who know the way to prepare each dish like it is done way back home.

•    All items on the menu are priced economically so that everyone can come and enjoy the food.

•    If you want to taste the popular Indian curries and biryani then order those on visit.

•    The menu is so exhaustive with each dish promises to be a lot better and appetising.

•    The staffs at these eateries are very friendly and treat all guests wonderfully

•    Try the sweet dishes that are so tasty and filing that it’s worth packing them home

•    Get food delivered home via online or through a call

•    In case if the quality is not satisfactory, the meal is replaced too.

Next time when you have to throw a party or go on a causal dinner date then the food destination can be any of those Indian eateries. And being an Indian residing in US then having food in one of those places will rekindle home memories. The taste, quality and content is similar to food cooked by mothers in the kitchen back home.


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