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There are many ways to eat and drink in California, and there are many restaurants out there that are willing to take your money and help you to do so. Before you hop in to one of these yummy food repositories, you might consider taking a look at out for the specialties and watch out for them. Here is a list of cities where you can find Indian restaurants. You can also order online food.


People around the world love Indian food.  The mesmeric fusion of spicy food and cultural history that always leaves with wanting for more. If you are in Morgan Hill, CA looking out for a Indian restaurant you won’t face disappointment, as there are several Indian restaurants where you can grab a bite.  Dishes such as Paneer Pakora, Tandoori assorted appetizers, Lamb vindaloo, chef specialties, Biryanis, Seafood specialties and a whole range of vegetarian dishes and desserts.

NOW that’s like a whole lot to explore.

And these Indian restaurants in Morgan Hill even have order food online Morgan hill services. So the perfect Indian cuisine is just a click away.


In Santa Cruz, there are more than 20 Indian cuisine destinations. That’s more than any other city in California. These restaurants mostly are vegetarian hence there are limited non-vegetarian places to offer. There are Himalayan, Nepalese, Middle East and Asian fusion restaurants where along side Indian cuisines.

These places are usually busy and crowded during the peak hours. The lunch buffet in the vegetarian restaurants is just worth it and the one people look forward too

And a to be noted point would only 7-8 restaurants have online order services and all the rest are walk in restaurants.


Sunnyvale has a significant concentration of businesses owned by South Indian immigrants. So the restaurants mostly cater towards South Indian food and many Udupi restaurants are found here. The interesting part is that you find several Indian restaurants in Sunnyvale as well as chaat places, chaat cafes and food trucks with chaat delicacies.

And at such Chaat and Indian eateries there are online order food services.

So yet again you can be at home and experience Indian delicacies through such outlets.

No more scarcity for your taste buds to flourish as there is lot of Indian food restaurants to look forward to in California.


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