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On a nice rainy day when cold breeze and mist envelopes the surrounding, an Indian fellow with hands tucked inside the pocket will yearn for a cup of ginger tea and hot pakodas or samosa. Such things seem like a luxury when settled far away in United States. Well not anymore with Indian restaurants opening up in good numbers.

All those food items the one would enjoy back home can now be savoured in US too. There are so many people who have started running Indian restaurants and motels on highway and commercial centres. Most of the time all of them are busy serving large number of diners who wish to sample authentic Indian food, snacks and desserts. There are takeaway services to Tiffin orders for office goers. Many Indian Diaspora settled there frequent Indian restaurants in San Jose and Santa Clara.

When it comes to holding kitty parties, birthdays to celebrating festivals many come to f their homes to enjoy Indian food in Santa Clara. With the need to hold as well as entertain large groups and guests Indian restaurants have started hosting small to big events. They also cater food or take party orders and deliver the items at doorstep with staff members who serve the guests.

Many eateries offer order food online in Santa Clara, San Jose to Cupertino Ca. This is an upcoming services that is a must if food eateries wish to stay in business for long time.

Some of the recent upgrades in services in Indian restaurant are as follows:

•    Customized meal option with customers having the luxury to request certain food and cuisine as per their preferences

•    Mini meal services or packages for office executive and professionals so that they get set lunch or dinner without wasting time on ordering

•    Hosting band to play music, stage plays to film screenings on special days

•    Offering other contemporary food items like pizza, pasta or burgers to please all customers

•    Serving meals with fusion where western and Indian dishes are fused to create a new dish high on taste and health

•    Using alternative and healthy cooking techniques and oils without compromising on taste

•    Private dining with special arrangement and food on request

Looking at the changing times Indian restaurants are constantly innovating and updating their food and services. All of them face competition with many food junctions coming up every month. But the one feature that remains permanent is they serve Indian food as authentic as it can be.


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