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There is something magical about the Indian platter that has caught attention of everyone across the globe. It’s not just Indians who are going gaga about their authentic food; there are many loyal foodies in the West who follow and relish this Eastern variety to the core. Bringing the flavors of India is the popular Sitar Express.

A well-known restaurant serving Indian cuisine in San Jose, it’s a place that offers perfect setting and ambience for enjoying meals with friends and

family. Over the years this food junction has earned lot of goodwill and ardent fans who are frequent visitors. They have a fantastic menu that tempts the foodie to the core.

And if you ask why one should dine at Sitar Express, then there is not just one reason but many. To start with these are some valid explanation on making a visit, just read below and plan an evening out. So here it goes:

•    It’s a place that serves authentic Indian food with strict adherence to quality, taste and preparation style. The reason why this food destination enjoys higher customer recommendation is it commitment to make dinning an enriched experience.

•    Provide excellent hospitality to clients and make them feel at home while enjoying a meal at the restaurant. As an Indian Restaurant Mountain View CA, it is regarded as one of the best places offering variety of Indian food spread.

•    You can get a wide range of world famous Indian curries to tandoor items that are served in true-blue Indian style. For those who have dinned here, they feel transposed back home.

•    Even in Santa Clara Sitar Express it is familiar Indian restaurant in the locality. Many locals pay a visit regularly with their near and dear ones for an aromatic and delicious dining experience.

•    They have a special lunch and dinner buffet for those looking to spend hours talking and eating without worrying to order. Take a walk around the buffet corner and dig into your favourite Indian food.

Chefs who prepare the dishes use condiments, herbs and ingredients exported from India to create mouth watering dishes. Each dish has its distinct flavor and taste with an appetising aroma.

And if you plan to through a party at home or office then they also have catering services for special occasions and events. Just call them and they will look after your guests in the most homely fashion. Like everything is online so is placing order at Sitar Express. If you happen to be in Order food online Mountain View and get it delivered on the doorstep within no time.


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