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I wanted to share this here as I want everyone to know about the Bombay Pizza House and the quality of the food they provide. I work in an IT company that requires me to work day and night sometimes. Last week during my appraisal I was selected the best by the company and my friends wanted me to through them a treat for the best occasion. I wanted them to be treated with the best pizza in Fremont. I personally love India food a lot and hence I have chosen the Bombay Pizza House which incorporates the Indian culinary style in the Italian pizzas. I have taken my colleagues to the Bombay Pizza House last Sunday. 

I was surprised to see people there welcoming us with the traditional Indian wears and I was so happy that I am going to give an unforgettable treat to my friends at Bombay Pizza House which I consider as the best Italian restaurant Fremont. There was so much of crowd in the restaurant. But since I have already booked a table for us, we were taken to our table immediately. Every single person in the team ordered for some different pizzas and I also wanted something unique to taste. The restaurant was so clean and the decorations in it made us to feel that we are in real India. 

We were served with the pizza in Fremont in the next 15 minutes. Every one of us liked their pizzas so much and I being personally in love with the Indian food, liked to taste the Indian style pizzas. The people who were working there were so humble to us and they treated us like their own masters. We thanked for the pizzas and I came out to pay for the food. I was astonished to see such a less amount in the bill. When I was coming back home, I was thinking about visiting the restaurant again soon. 

I came to know later that the restaurant is also providing order food online Fremont service to the customers in California. on one fine day I have ordered pizzas for me and my colleagues in the office from the Bombay Pizza House. We enjoyed that day so much and the pizzas were awesome. I think I have become a fan of Bombay Pizza House now. I wish I could visit the restaurant again and again. 


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