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Taj-E-Chaat is the well known Indian restaurant San Jose California. The restaurant has always offered best Indian food San Jose to their customers and is still doing it. It has got a very high reputation in the state of California for its Indian cuisine San Jose skills. People love to visit the restaurant often as the food here will be of high quality and less cost. There are many Indian food lovers in California who visit the restaurant often to taste the real Indian food. Thus the restaurant is getting more business nowadays. They are now planning to add more recipes to their menu as the number if customers are increasing day by day. 

Many Indian restaurant Fremont will say that they provide all recipes of India. But in reality it is impossible to provide all the Indian recipes. India is a large country with wide range of food practices and skills with unique recipes for each. Thus it is impossible for any restaurant to provide all Indian food at a spot. Some Indian restaurant Milpitas will say they have a great chef with overall knowledge on Indian food but will be concentrating more on either north food or south food of India. Taj-E-Chaat will provide best Indian food from majority food practices of India. We have dedicated chefs, vessels and kitchen for cooking different styles of Indian food. 

Another reason for the success of the restaurant is the way our customers are treated in the restaurant. The Taj-E-Chaat believes that the customers are the kings. Thus we treat our customers such that they never want to get out of the restaurant without a contented feel. It is our motto to fill the stomach and heart of our customers. And this is what making the Taj-E-Chaat so special and unique among other restaurants in California. 

The Taj-E-Chaat also offers order food online Milpitas service that allows the customers to enjoy the Indian food at their own location. This service particularly helps people who don’t have time to visit the restaurant. The food will be delivered in another 30 minutes after the order is being placed through the website They don’t charge extra money for home delivery; it is absolutely free. But those people who are not visiting the restaurant definitely miss the restaurant environment and the best services here. 


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