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I wanted to share this here to let everyone know one of the best Indian restaurants in Santa Clara. The Sitar Express in California is the best Indian restaurant ever I have visited in the state. I have paid a visit to the restaurant last week and I was astonished with their service and food. Last week I was suppose to give party to my friends and I have told them that this would be something very unique for them. When I was searching for some special restaurant to give a party, I came across the best Indian restaurant Santa Clara and I have immediately chosen the restaurant to give party to my friends. 

When my friends heard that I am going to give a party to them at Sitar Express, they were all so happy as they all love Indian cuisine San Jose much. Last week Saturday evening I have taken my friends to the restaurant for the dinner. The restaurant was filled with customers and many were still waiting for their seats. I have already booked a table, so we were humbly taken to our table by the restaurant people. The way they have designed the restaurant and their decorations have really created an Indian environment effect there. 

We have all placed our orders and we were served in just 20 minutes after we have placed the order. I was so excited to taste the food. it was a complete justice made for our taste buds. The food was so delicious and I would say that I have never ever tasted such delicious food ever in California. When I enquired the restaurant people, they told that the chef maintains an authentic Indian kitchen and cooks the food from the masalas brought from India. It is very appropriate to say that we have experienced the real essence of Indian kitchen on that eve. 

We have paid for our food and thanked the restaurant people. Later I came to know that the restaurant is also offering order food online Mountain View service to the customers. Now I can order my food from my location and can enjoy the food from Sitar Express without actually traveling to the restaurant. I have also heard that they are about to open new branches around the state of California. It is quite sure that they are going to become the top Indian food restaurant network in California. 


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