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I want to share this with everyone here so that you can also enjoy what I have enjoyed yesterday. I am working in a software company and I work day and night to catch up with the orders and workloads that I face every day. This has made me to spare very less time for my family. I was feeling so bad that I am earning for my family but I cannot spend time with them. After a very long time, yesterday I got a chance to spend time with my family. So I have planned to take them to a restaurant nearby. I personally love Indian food and hence I wanted to take them all to the best Indian restaurant in Mountain View

We went to the Sitar Express that provides best Indian cuisine San Jose to their customers. The moment I have entered the restaurant, we were welcomed warmly and since I have already booked a table for us, we were taken in directly to our tables. I was so happy that we got a table. Because the restaurant was filled with crowd by the time we visited the restaurant. I was actually waiting for the food to get placed on our table as I was so hungry and eager to taste the Indian food. 

Everyone in my family ordered for something new and I went for some non vegetarian dishes. The food was served hot and tangy in another ten minutes after we placed our orders. The food was awesome and every one enjoyed their food to the core. I being personally in love with the Indian food enjoyed the food to the ultimate level. We thanked for the meal at last and came to pay for the food. I was so happy that the food was so cheap when compared with other Indian restaurant Santa Clara.  

Later I have heard that the restaurant is also providing order food online Mountain View service to the customers by collaborating with the online platforms dedicated for online food ordering services. I have planned to order my meals today. I got the food delivered in just 30 minutes after I placed the order. I am writing this blog while having my food from the sitar express. I wish you could also enjoy what I have enjoyed. Sitar express is the best among all Indian restaurants in California. 


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