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The Sitar Express is the well known Indian restaurant in California. The uniqueness about the restaurant is the taste of the food they provide. The Sitar Express people don’t want any other cuisine styles to get mixed up with the Indian food. This is a very common practice being used by so many Indian restaurants in Mountain View ca. They will try to collaborate the culinary styles of other regions with the Indian food and will try to make the customers believe that they have served the best tasting Indian food to them. But the Sitar Express restaurant wants their customers to taste the real Indian food. So they don’t experiment with the food. 

The restaurant offers varieties of Indian food to the customers. India is a big country with varied food culture in it. Sitar Express wants to give the entire food culture of India in a single stop. Either it is the tangy tasty north Indian food, or the spicy south Indian food, Sitar Express will always provide the best to the customers. This makes the restaurant stand unique among other Indian restaurant Santa Clara. The customers visiting the restaurant also say that they have truly tasted the real Indian food and not any mixed styles. 

Now the restaurant has come up with the packages that will be providing the customers with options like combo packs and others. The advantage is that they don’t have to pay high for individual food. Instead, they can pay low for combo box. This is something new among the Indian restaurants in California. Following the Sitar Express, so many other restaurants have also started to provide the same service. But the pioneer is a pioneer always. They don’t compromise with the quality of the food at any cost. They want their customers to enjoy the food. 

The restaurant offers the order food online Mountain View service to their customers. Many common platforms for food ordering in online have got the restaurant attached with it. Hence the customers can make use of any common online food ordering platform to get the Indian food from this restaurant or can also make use of the restaurant’s website to order the food. They can use telephone also to order food. The food will be delivered in 30 minutes after the ordering is done and there is no extra charge for door delivery. 


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