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Pizza is the dish bread baked as flat and circular in shape which is now very famous dish and available in most part of the world. If you are in California and you feel like eating Pizza, you could probably find pizza shop in every street. But finding best pizza in Fremont ca is questionable. There are lots of restaurants make pizzas in Fremont but only few makes best one.

Pizza outlets

The variety of pizza you can get in California are Roman Alfredo Salami Pizza( White cream Cheese sauce, Mushroom, onion, Sweet corn, Red Paprika and Olives, toppings are Chipotle sprinkle and finely Chopped parsley), El Mexicano Nacho Pizza( Cheesy Jalapeno sauce with corn, Onion, Tomato, Jalapenos, Red Paprika and pepper Paneer and Toppings are Chopped parsley and Nachos), Turkish Chicken Kofte Pizza( Onion, Coriander Red capsicum, Jalapeno, Olive and chicken Kofte in a tangy korma sauce, toppings are Arabic drizzle and chipotle sprinkle) and Chicken supreme and triple chicken feast( Mexican chicken, Plain chicken, chicken Hot & Spicy, Onion, Capsicum, Sweet corn and green chilies chicken hot and spicy, chicken Tikka and chunky chicken). These are famous pizza menus in California restaurants.

Indian Pizza

Some of Indian restaurant in Fremont are also serve some pizza with Indian flavors and garnishing. These pizzas are welcomed by Indians in California. These pizzas are topped with some Indian sauce and some Indian pizza menus are Rawalpindi Channa Paneer pizza (Creamy masala sauce, Onion, Green Capsicum, Paneer and Chole and topped with green chilies and chopped Coriander), Paneer Vegorama and veggie supreme( Paneer, Onion, Capsicum, sweet corn, Red capsicum, Black olives, Red Paprika & Green chilies. Mushroom, capsicum, onion, tomato baby corn and olives are used as toppings) and Exotica & Veggie supreme ( Red capsicum, Baby corn, Capsicum, Olives and jalapenos mushroom, capsicum, Onion, tomato, baby corn and Olives).

Most of the pizza outlets in California are take away and some dine in are there. One of most famous things in California is about online ordering of pizza for a home delivery. Most of the restaurant challenge for hot pizza within 30 minutes of delivery, if they fail, they won’t charge for pizza. This type of challenge made the pizza lovers more exited and for online order there are lots of deals and offers have been introduced to impress more customers. These pizza outlets also take up party orders and outdoor catering to serve best pizza to parties in the home.


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