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Indian food habit may differ from state to state but the spices make the food unique. The spice masala varieties used in the food makes them unique and bring the exotic taste. These masala not only have the special taste of Indian food but also have most of hygienic and healthy medical recipe. This food recipe not only followed in India but also Indian food in Fremont that is made in Indian restaurant in Fremont and also people living in there.

Nature of Indian Food

The real Indian food flavors are prepared by the unique combinations of Indian spices. The spices used in Indian foods are aniseed, asafetida, red chili, black cardamom, black pepper, cumin seeds, Indian bay leaf, cloves coriander seed, garlic, ginger and some more Indian spices. These spices when mix up freshly in a rock grinders they form a best masala to make the food endless taste. . These recipes are made by ancient people who eat food as medicine.

Indian Food restaurants

These types of masala are mostly used in street stalls, gourmet homes and some ancient restaurant. When it comes to fancy restaurants they use pre mixed ready made masala mix, that doesn’t give a taste like one made freshly and mixed in rock grinder. The ready made masala made available because of lack of availability of spices in some places out of India. So the places where one couldn’t get Indian spices they could get used of this ready made one to give a basic touch of Indian food taste.

California Indian Restaurants

Indian restaurants Milpitas and other parts of California has Indian restaurant but most of the restaurant doesn’t use the main spices which give unique taste to the food. Some authentic restaurant import the spices from India to give a genetic touch to the foods made by them that made them famous Indian restaurants in California. These restaurants have online order options , when you order food online in Milpitas, you can choose your own way of food making, at the time mentioning about the spices level and choosing of spices to be added options are made available to make the food look alike made by one themselves. Restaurants deliver the food in door step with the added up masala to cheer their customers. This kind of restaurants is most welcomed by Indians and also the California people.


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