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A good meal ends with a desert, and that desert should be tasty and yummy that should give the good ending dine of the day not the worst one. When we talk about common deserts most of the desert comes in mind of every people is ice cream, apparently rich sundae. But that’s common to have ice creams of different flavor but that going to sound a same desert menu. So in change of desert, people looked for pastries then mixing up both they made cassata. Still they come under ice cream variety.

Common desert variety

When we step into Italian restaurant the dessert menu we could see is some cream cake and chocolate mousse. These deserts are rich in cream and chocolates, changing the proportions of both they add some more desert on their menus. Mexicans end dining with rich cookies, those cookies with more chocolates and cheese. Europeans deserts are nuts in ice creams.

Indian Deserts

Indian deserts are one of unique deserts in the world food menu. These deserts mostly available in India, but the fact of people living around the world to fill their needs the Indian restaurants around the world has also the desert menu of ancient sweets made. When it comes to Indian street foods one could see the desert menus. The best Indian desert varies from common ice cream, cakes, and pastries. The Indian deserts are Jileabi (made of rice floor and dip in sugar syrup), Gulab Jamun (milk solid based spherical shaped dipped in sugar syrup) and Rasamalai (Milk based circular shaped with almond milk dipped).The listed deserts are made by ancient Indian recipe.

Restaurants out of country like Indian restaurants Santa Clara, Indian restaurants San Jose. The restaurants in these places serve best Indian desert along with best Indian foods. People walk in these restaurants ends their food dines with these traditional deserts. These deserts are made with simple recipe with fewer ingredients with special spices from India. Indian cuisine is San Jose is also famous for those special Indian deserts. Most people in California walk to these restaurants just for these kinds of Indian deserts. The taste and the ghee smell make the customers visits again and again. These deserts are made available for online order also and for parties and special occasions they also delivery to their door steps. Taste the Indian deserts anywhere in world in one click. Most of special restaurants ship the sweets to any part of world.


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