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Food is all about variety and taste, people love trying different flavor to savor their taste buds. Indian food is the best food which takes you to all the rich flavors. Indian food has gained vast appreciation and laid its place in the world market. People living in every corner of the world know what does it tastes like. With the gaining popularity, Indian food has reached a place of high appreciation. As now everywhere you can find a restaurant serving you with mouthwatering Indian cuisines. Indian restaurant San Jose is the where you can go and have the taste of Indian food San Jose. The Indian food known for its rich spices serves you with the aromatic flavor which gives you a taste of India.

Serving all the flavor in one platter

Taj-E-Chaat is the perfect place if you want to taste Indian cuisine Fremont; it serves you with variety of chaat all being the favorite of Indians. Indian streets are well known for the chaat as street food served is the best food in India. First people used to visit India to have a taste of it but now there are restaurants all around serving you with delicious cuisines. Taj-E-chaat is the one place where you can get the entire flavor in just one plate as it serves you with tangy and spicy cuisines, which will delight your taste buds. The cuisines served are so delicious that one becomes addicted of it. You will never forget to visit Indian restaurant Fremont to have a taste of it. The Indian restaurant Newark is the best place to go as it serves you with appetizing cuisines and makes you feel like being in India.

Full of variety with great offer

To have Indian food in Fremont you just need to go to an Indian restaurant in Fremont and as they serve you with the best appetizers. Indian restaurant serves you with both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian cuisines.You can also order food online Fremont. Taj-E-Chaat offers appetizers like samosa plate, papdichaati, alootikki, bhelpuri, veggie mix pakora, paneerpakora, panipuri, cholyebhature.Beverages offered are mango lassi, sweet lassi, and salt lassi.Naanpranthas like aloonaan, gobinaan, lamb keemanaan, chicken pesto naan, onion naan, and tandoori naan are listed in the menu.Wraps are available including chicken wrap, seekh wrap, desi wrap, paneer wrap, veggie wrap, chicken tikka masala roll and tandoori salmon wrap. They also have curries in their menu like malaikofta, paneerkofta, goat curry chicken curry, lamb keema matter and many more. So, if you really want an exotic and traditional Indian food Taj-E-chaat is the place for you. It remains open all seven days.


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