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Last Sunday was an unforgettable day in my life. I had a best experience with the Indian culinary skills on my table. Last Sunday I have planned to go to an Indian restaurant in California along with my family. We planned according that everyone in my family wanted to taste the Indian dishes as they have never tasted it ever. They wanted to taste the Indian cuisine San Jose. And we have planned to go to Sitar Express, the best Indian restaurant in Cupertino, California. I personally loved the restaurant as I have heard much about it and the taste of the food they serve. 

I literally felt my presence in India rather than California when I was inside the restaurant. I must say that the interior of the restaurant was designed completely as Indian and made every visitor to the restaurant to feel the authenticity of India. Probably I will say this is the most soothing Indian restaurant Santa Clara. The restaurant people made me to feel like a VIP through their gesture and the way they served us. We were so happy about the hospitality of the restaurant people. 

I have ordered for some authentic Indian dishes for which the restaurant is famous for. My family members have ordered something of their wish. I was so happy that I have made my family members to enjoy their time with the true values of India. We were served with our orders very early after we ordered them. I was really amazed to taste the food and so my family members. I would say that I have never tasted such tasty food ever in my life. The food was completely awesome and I tasted every pinch of it. The sweets we have ordered were also so unique and have made us to feel the inner happiness. 

The restaurant also offers order food online Mountain View service to the customers who want to enjoy the true Indian food in their homes. But I feel bad for them as they will fail to enjoy the Indian scenario here in the restaurant. I paid for my food and thanked them for the same. I started up immediately to home. But my mind is still there at the restaurant, tasting the food on my table and roaming around the scenic beauty of the restaurant. Am waiting for my next holiday to visit the restaurant again. 


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