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I wanted to share one of my very recent experiences which I have never ever experienced in my whole life. I am a food admirer and I always like to go with something new in food. But if you question me whether I have tasted all the cuisines in the world, I will say no. I have never tasted many famous cuisines of the world. Last week when I was travelling to my home around 9p.m. I came across an Indian restaurant. The Great Indian Cuisine, The name was little familiar for me as I have heard about the restaurant already. So I thought to have my dinner there that night. 

What can I say? I was completely flattened when I entered the restaurant. I can actually feel my presence in India as I was inside the restaurant. I would surely say that among all the Indian restaurants in San Jose, this probably would the best. I loved the way they have decorated the interiors of the restaurant. It made me to feel the true Indian tradition and culture. I was treated like a VIP by the restaurant people. Truly their hospitality and gesture made me feel easy and great. I just planned to have something from the menu they have given to me. 

I didn’t order anything specific and I just told them to serve me with the best food they have for dinner. I was eager to know how the Indian food Santa Clara would taste. I was not allowed to wait more than 10 minutes. I was served with some Indian dish which the color itself made my appetite stirred up. I took just 5 minutes to finish off the entire meal. I have to say that I have never ever tasted such a tasty food ever in my life. The gesture and hospitality the restaurant showed to me has made me feel that this is the best Indian restaurant in Santa Clara

These people are also offering order food online Santa Clara service which will allow people to enjoy the authenticity of India from their homes itself. Now I have got a craze towards the Indian food. I really want to explore the Indian cuisines. Hope the great Indian restaurant will make way for me to have a maximum exploration towards the Indian culinary skills and their tradition towards food. 


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