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I have recently planned to visit an Indian restaurant along with my family. Every one in my family likes Indian food so much and hence we have decided to visit the best Indian restaurant in Cupertino. When I searched for the best Indian restaurant Santa Clara, I was suggested that sitar express would be the best in the state for Indian food. I have already heard about the restaurant and the quality of the food they provide. But I have never visited the restaurant ever. So I have just planned to visit it once with my family this last weekend. I and my family members were actually excited about the day. 

On the day we visited the restaurant on time for lunch. The restaurant was filled with crowd. But since we have already booked our seats, we were allowed inside easily and were placed on our seats. I was so happy that the people have taken personal care on us. I thought that it was only for us. But when I watched, everyone visiting the restaurant was treated the same way as we were treated. The server came and have taken the order from us. I have ordered for a non vegetarian food and my son ordered for a sea food. Other family members ordered for some vegetarian food. 

The menu they gave was as big as I felt whether any other restaurant in California will cook so many items. We were served at a very short notice of time. I should say the food I have tasted on that day was something which I have b=never ever tasted in my life. I was so excited to taste such a delicious food. The Indian cuisine San Jose has proved itself once again. I thanked for the meal to the server and paid for the food. it was so affordable. 

While coming out, they told me that they are also offering order food online Mountain View service to their customers. I was so happy that I can enjoy such a delicious food by being in my home itself. The restaurant people also told that they are not charging anything extra for door delivery of food. They told they will take just 30 minutes to deliver the food at our homes. When I came back home, I called the restaurant and order for another meal again. 


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