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Almost popular among all over the world, Indians have won most of the hearts in world when it comes to the food. Indian foods have many verities in their food just like in their culture. Well, all the corners of India have their own specialty in food and all are best and have no comparison with each other. However, the one that is highly preferred by the people around the globe is the heart throbbing Punjabi food with real spicy food made in Punjabi tadka. The very interesting thing about their food is the dishes made in real spicy tadka.

Punjabi tadka in California

If you are in California and want to experience the real delight of the Punjabi food then all you need to reach is the Indian restaurant. The San Jose Indian restaurant that serves the best Punjabi food in the vicinity is the Punjab Café Indian cuisine. The food they serve is fresh, healthy and hygienic as they hire the best Indian chefs, who have perfection in cooking Punjabi food. Indian food is popular in the area for they serve varieties in their menu. The Indian cuisine has variants in them and they are made inpure Indian style and spices. Some of the important and special Punjabi dishes are paneer tikka, the fabulous kadhayi chicken, which can only be cooked by a Punjabi restaurant, alloo-gobi for the vegetarians. Well,the Punjab café not only serves Indian food in San Jose to their customers, but also specializes in the chaat. Well when it comes to Punjabi chaat, the menu is overloaded. The menu has kulche chole, dahi bhalle, panni puri and many more unrevealed secrets of the Punjabi kitchen.

How to reach them

Now, if you want to reveal the secrets of the Punjabi kitchen. Moreover, what more they have got for you, than you need to visit them and know what all you are missing. The Indian food Santa Clara is best for all age groups as the café take care of all the types of customers visiting them. They serve different dishes for children and adults, which is praise worthy. Reaching them is too easy as the food can even be ordered, if you want to enjoy it at home. They take your orders and serve you through the home delivery. Their contact no. is (408) 214-3222 well reaching them has become so easy that now you are just a call away.


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