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There’s no love like the love of food. Agreed? Indian cuisines are rich in spices and flavors and each state has its own specialty and cuisine that it boasts off. The most popular among these across the world will undeniably be Punjabi food. Punjab Café at San Jose is an authentic Indian restaurant that serves Punjabi food. However, now you can also get Punjabcafeus to deliver right at your doorstep with their online booking service apart from the tele-booking.

Surprise your family with a big spread of Indian food with

How to book online or via telephone?

Log on to and go through the menu, alternatively you can also call at (408) 214-3222 to place your order. The delivery time ranges between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on location and the order by itself. However, very large orders require 24 hours of lead time. Next time you have a big party of friends or family visiting you, surprise them with the best Indian food.If your boss decides to a pay a visit for dinner with your family, this is one sure way to let him know that you have the best taste in anything.

Menu’s menu includes a large section of dishes that will take one on a culinary journey with the best of Punjabi food. The chefs are trained professionals from Punjab itself and have a deep rooted passion towards the cuisine and cooking by itself.

All the courses have a fair balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to pick and choose from. The appetizers include Aloo Tikki, Samosas, Pakors, Chaat Papri, Bhel Puri, to Chicken Tikka and assorted platters. For yoor mains you can choose between heavy gravies, from Aloo Gobi, Shahi Paneer, Channa Saag, Bhindi Masala to Chicken Tikka, Chicken Curry, Chicken Vindaloo, Kadai Chicken and the popular Punjabi Butter Chicken that is to die for! Punjabi food is known for their Tandoor specialties and so is Punjab Café at Santa Clara. Choose from Tandoori Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Shrimp and everyone’s favorite, the royal Tandoori Chicken. There’s also a wide range of lamb, seafood, rice specials, breads and soups.

No Punjabi meal is complete without authentic and rich Lassi, be it Mango, Sweet or Salt, add them to your meal for few dollars only.

Complete your meal with some kheer, badam kulfi and falooda.

You are sure to visit us again! Feast like an Indian King and have a pleasant experience with our selection of dishes.


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