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It is the venue and the food you choose for the party ensure whether it is going to be a hit or not. This is why it is advisable that you choose the best location and delicious food for your party or event. Be it a birthday party, bachelorette, wedding reception, family event or a corporate event for which you are looking for the best party halls in San Jose, Zahir’s Bistro Italian Restaurant will serve as an excellent choice for you.

Why Italian?

Bistro Italian restaurant can serve you with the most delicious food along with a serene ambience so that all your guests would just love to visit your party and they appreciate the food there. Italian food with selected aroma, herbs, the authentic taste and the colors can just lure the guests at your party or an event.

Why Zahir’s Bistro?

For people who would love to eat the most tasty and traditional Italian food Zahir’s Bistro Italian restaurant is a must visit place. This restaurant is known as a food paradise among the Italian restaurants San Jose and it has bagged several awards including ‘The Most Romantic Restaurant’ award. Be it traditional Italian pasta, pizza, lasagnas, or the dinner menu or the finest wine, the guests can enjoy the best Italian cuisine here at the Zahir’s Bistro Italian restaurant. The mouthwatering specials available here like the Fettuccini Jambalaya, Pecan Chicken, and Steak Zahir’s Bistrois the finest food to taste.

The party halls and the banquet halls here are well-themed for any party type. Be it an office party or a family get-together, the banquet halls here provide amazing ambience. The party halls are well-equipped with internet and other facilities to run a presentation and there are also special podiums available to offer a toast, use as a dance floor or even as a stage.

Zahir’s Bistro also offers happy hours with fine wine and dine option. They serve the tastiest wine along with delicacies like chicken, sea food, lamb and even exotic grillers in their dine-in restaurant. You can reserve your table for a romantic candle light dinner here by just calling and booking instantly.

However, if you think you cannot reach Zahir’s Bistro after late working hours or due to any other reason, you can still enjoy its finest food at your home by ordering food online.


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