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As we, all know that Indian food is famous all around the world but, Punjabis are the one who believed to be the best cook in India and specially known for their food. Their food has varieties in it, which are delicious of course and full of tempting spices. People always prefer Punjabi restaurant when they search for food because they know what the difference in Punjabi and the others is. Punjabis are specialized in non-vegetarian food, as they know the way it needs to cook perfectly.

Well if you are in San Jose and looking for a Punjabi restaurant to experience the thrill of the Punjabi cuisine, then you do not have to go anywhere but only to Punjabi Café, which serves you with delicate Indian cuisine. They serve you with high quality and fresh food, which ensures and guarantees no compromised with your health. They offer dishes for all kinds of age groups from kids to oldies. However, the best part of the café is the non-vegetarian they serve which is totally in Indian style. Even the people of town prefer the Punjab café if they feel like experiencing the Indian food. This is one of the finest Indian restaurants serving you the finest Indian cuisine in San Jose. This café is one of the preferred destinations of people, who are looking for having Indian food in Santa Clara. Indian cuisines in San Jose are the best served in the Punjab café especially non-vegetarian.

In their menu, they serve all favorite Indian cuisines like Aloo Gobi, which is one of the most preferred food items of Indians, in which, they cook potatoes with cauliflower in Indian spices. Then they have Kadai Chicken, again one of the specialties of Punjabis, which they cook in rich cream based gravy. Some other items they serve are Samosa, different varieties with chicken etc.

This restaurant serving Indian food in San Jose recruits the best chef, who are specialized in Punjabi cuisine are hired by them, ensuring no compromise with the taste and health. The food serve is very healthy, fresh and served with great hospitality. Here the guest always considered the superior and their demand considered as the priority of the restaurant, which has helped them to carve out there name among best Indian restaurants in Santa Clara.

Well the market of Indian restaurants is flourishing a lot in San Jose and the Punjab Café serving Indian cuisine has marked their name as one of the best in town.


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