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There can hardly be anyone, who is not fond of Mexican food all round the world. Mexican food is famous for their taste and flavors that create the magic. Mexican food has become so popular and prevalent among the masses that, there are hardly any restaurants found, that do not add the Mexican food in their menu card.

Baja Cactus is one of the finest Mexican restaurants in San Jose that serves you with best Mexican food in San Jose. This Mexican restaurant is famous and renowned not only for its tremendous food but also for it have banquet halls in them. If you are looking for banquet halls in San Jose, then you do not need to go anywhere, but to the Baja Cactus Mexican restaurant. The restaurant facilitates the perfect conduct of all kind of parties in it, which is very convenient. The food served here is totally fresh, hygienic and healthy so you hardly need to bother for you and your family’s health.

There are very few Mexican restaurants in Santa Clara, which provide party halls along with marvelous food. One of them is, Baja Cactus in Milpitas that serves you with the facilities of halls. They even provide you the facility of reservation for the hall for conducting any kind of function. The facility of party hall in this restaurant has made this restaurant much more preferred by people, as it let them have perfect food and a place where they can chill out. This place is perfect if you want to celebrate birthdays or wedding parties or even want to plan surprises for your loved ones.
That is not the end of the list of what they serve, they even are engaged in the catering services, which are flawless. They conduct catering services for lunch and dinner, group gatherings for private and corporate parties. Their specialties are the three dishes they serve, Chicken Mole, chili Verde pork and Veracruz. A Mexican restaurant is termed great, especially in terms of the salsa, they offer and Baja’s are perfect professionals, when it comes to serving Salsa. The feedback for their catering is perfect and even preferred by many for all kind of occasions, be it official or unofficial.

One more thing that you cannot resist about this Mexican restaurant is, the weekly draw that they conduct every week and draw lucky names to give out free meals at Baja Cactus. This lets you save some bucks, if you are the lucky one and there is hardly any loss.


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