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When you think of the Indian cuisine, you generally think of its strong taste and strong aroma due to various curries, herbs and mouth burning spices with complex flavours that have been used in their dishes. The diversity of Indian Cuisine has brought about by the influence of its different regions and its culture.  

The Indian Multi-cuisine offers spicy delicious dishes along with different mouth-watering desserts. India’s four zones have its own tradition in its own unique cooking styles with different herbs and flovours. Like South region are famous for their South Indian food famous for dosa with coconut chutney, idli served with chutney along with the taste of curry leaves and mustard seeds. West Indians love their desserts while North people dishes are totally different from the South Indians. On the other zone, East India is famous for its non-vegetarian cuisines.

Travelers and traders that pass through the region have also left behind new cooking recipes and new ingredients that the locals incorporate in to their cooking, the rulers who invaded India have also observed the influence of it in Indian cuisine. And the most fascinating is that it has taken its uniqueness and all those influences only improved the cuisine and made it richer. British, Chinese and Mughal are important sources that have major influence on Indian cuisines.

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