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Technology has brought into our lives and habits of every day e-commerce, and the food industry is no exception. Studies show that 69% of customers Order food using a mobile device, while applications allow people orders within Face book to place. We ordered the house from the bus or in traffic jams.

•    Indian restaurant Sunnyvale feasted on fresh and modern restaurant interior and many special dishes that are not available locally. We are very grateful to our customers; the loyalty of our employees; The confidence of our suppliers; Respect our competitors; and supporting our community. Great atmosphere with a new film on Indian television. A good place for families and children.

•    Go online Indian restaurants in Santa Clara is not occupied, built no queues frustration to communicate so more customers with you during peak hours. In addition, all settings are specified by the customer order, for a misunderstanding leaves no room.

•    Therefore, best Indian Food Sunnyvale customers are the happiest customers and what they tend to spend on average. 4% more. Try it yourself by a demonstration of order placement

Order food online in Sunnyvale restaurant could be open 24/7, but there are online no reason why you cannot stand for every customer. With this online ordering system, customers can place orders at any time. If your work hours, you can schedule a later collection or delivery. Once it opens, the full list of commands that occurred during the night, received for review and acceptance.

FREE Unlimited Orders

•    Pages Order foods that exactly the same as the existing restaurant site look and feel
•    Power Control pages hosted on a secure server and will redirect any particular risk clients to the servers on which websites are in competition
•    Have more support for international languages.
•    Based on Model-View-Control (MVC) for easy upgrades and changes
•    with the latest programming protocols for Web server loads minimal and developed ultra-fast loading and processing
•    Traditional advertising and mass distribution of the brochure can be a little better to make but they are really worth the cost and effort?
•    Payment processing for online orders
•    Integration of multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Credit Cards (only data collection), etc.
•    Mailing list creation easy sending newsletters and promotions Restaurant
•    to provide discount function seasonal discounts on menu items are available
•    Module Promotions Restaurant coupons
•    The graphical representation of the data to show sales / earnings, etc.
•    Integration with the POS Restaurant Software
•    Mobile versions


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