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If we make the curry stew in our slow cooker or decision Tandoori chicken with a side of naan local Indian restaurant, it has to be one of our favorite foods!

•    Indian cuisine is a melting pot itself, in recipes and techniques from all regions of the country. Local cuisine is varied and depends primarily on what they produce, spices and herbs are included. But even if this is the case, some staple in India are still on the table.

•    These Indian restaurant Sunnyvale bloggers and writers Indian food we take in India without a passport need. Your recipes are full of color and the instructions were easy enough to understand, even creating complex layers of flavors that not having committed at home your family will be taken into account!

•    Many Indian restaurants In Santa Clara of the award-winning Indian food blog Simmer, is a passionate cook. As she says, is her love for food tangled love both her husband and her daughter, whom she refers to his blog as a butterfly. As the authentic Indian recipes creates with every word, his eyes flashing the heart begins, the story you tell to realize. More than a cook, Prerna is a master storyteller and blog entries we want to leave forever. Oh, best Indian food Sunnyvale and the image on this page is a good example of delicious carefully placed accessories, dirty dishes in the research, but with a touch of the family (you can see the small hands of his daughter in almost recipe). Their chicken curry is now doing on our list! Prerna is also the author of All India Cookbook crockpot, which is packed with fast and delicious recipes, can that even a novice cook can reach

•    Many of you must have seen them perform in your calendar in recent days, and I thought, you not only, but also inspiration to share the recipe. It's amazing how some situations call some of my best baking recipes ... Enjoy this weekend, if you have a little time .


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