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Since 2012, Curry Pizza House is a reliable food producing and servicing company. They are surrendered to furnish their clients with heat, top cut Italian/Fusion Nutrient and Pizza at reasonable costs in a clean, conformable and relinquish environs. Their varied gift food dishes are freshly placed in their kitchen with the high quality foodstuff. Whether it's an organized converging, get-together, party, or exclusive a cultural thickening - their service is everyplace. You can aid by online too.

Their diametrical food stuffs which are available at Italian restaurant Fremont and Italian restaurant Union City are classified by –

•    Premium pizzas: These are addressable into three opposite sizes, small, medium and large. The premium produce pizza is served with sauce, cheese, mushrooms, red onions, discoverer peppers, black olives and more. The meat pizza is luscious and served with pullet, solon, sauce, mallow etc. The meat pizza is obtainable with sauce, cheese, beef, red onions, push peppers, olives, ham, salami etc. Besides these, BBQ poultry, hot statesman, Mexican and Hawaiian are also available.

•    Desi pizza Fremont are also ready in pocketable, whopping, matter and x-large sizes. The diametric types of this aggregation are, Curry Veggie Delectation ( served with sauce, mallow, mushrooms, red onions, painter peppers, smuggled olives, diced tomatoes, flavoring and unprocessed cilantro), Chile Panner( accessible with sauce, cheeseflower, diced tomatoes , red onions, masala paneer, immature onions etc.), Shahi Panner( served with  sauce, cheese, , phonetician peppers, diced tomatoes, red onions, unsalty herb etc.), Achari Gobhi Dish ( served with sauce, cheese, potatoes, red onions, candy etc), Aloo chaat dish is also easy in wuss tikka which are served with chickenhearted tikka, sauce, cheese,  red onions, artificer peppers, fatal olives, diced tomatoes, seasoning and fresh cilantro etc. Their else pleasing substance items are tandoori poulet ( free with sauce, cheeseflower,  red onions, discoverer peppers, somebody olives, diced tomatoes, flavouring, tandoori wuss and warm cilantro) and Achari Volaille  ( also accessible with sauce, mallow, achari fowl, red onions, push peppers, disgraceful olives, diced tomatoes, flavorer and unionised municipality. You can get these food items by order food online Union City.

Likewise the above substance items their different meat and veggie items are demandable and enviable.


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